Vendor Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Please direct all inquiries concerning exhibitor or vendor booths to:

Your application registration will not be processed unless you indicate your acceptance of these terms on your registration.

1. Exhibitors will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and refrain from conduct or language that would discredit 21st Academy, Re-Imagine Education Expo, and the educational community at large.

2. Exhibits must be staffed at ALL times during the hours that the hall is open. Children under the age of 13 must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. Name badges may not be transferred or shared.

3. Each exhibit space is a 6’ x 2’ table with black draping and 1 chair.  

4. All exhibitors and their staff must be dressed appropriately for a business function.

5. Booth assignments are final. Exhibitors may not move exhibits to different locations.

6. Exhibitors may install or remove their displays only during designated hours when the Exhibit Hall is closed to the public, and/or approved by the Exhibit or Conference Coordinator. We anticipate additional set up time on Friday, 6/24, afternoon.  We will confirm once we have details.

7. Displays at the front of the booth must not interfere with the visibility of adjoining exhibitors. Displays may not extend beyond the confines of the exhibit space.

8. Exhibitors may offer materials, brochures, advertising, and/or other promotional literature only within the confines of their purchased booth space.

9. Exhibitors may not use additional tables unless they receive approval from the Exhibit Coordinator. Custom displays, including display racks and counters, may be used as long as they do not interfere with the visibility or operation of adjoining booths. Premier booths will have space for displays along the wall space in their booth area.

10. 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo reserves the right to require the removal of any material, including an entire display, which in judgment is offensive or inappropriate for display at the conference 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo assumes no financial liability if such action becomes necessary. If you have questions concerning the acceptability of your material, it may be submitted for advance approval.

11. No exhibitor who has behaved rudely will be permitted to exhibit. Any customer complaints brought to the attention of Re-Imagine Education Expo will be handled by the 21st Academy Board of Directors.

12. A primary purpose of the Re-Imagine Education Expo Hall is to present a variety of curricula, products, and services for local educators’ use.

13. Exhibitors must agree not to recruit potential patrons for future multi-level marketing purposes.

14. NO noise emitting devices such as record, tape, or video players; televisions; or computers may be operated.  No public address systems may be operated from an exhibit space.

15. In the unfortunate event that the Re-Imagine Education Expo is canceled for unforeseen circumstances; all fees except those paid for advertising that has already been distributed, will be refunded.

16. Exhibitors must remove all their boxes and paper from the exhibit areas at the close of the Re-Imagine Education Expo. Dumpsters will be provided for this purpose.

17. No signs may be posted on painted surfaces. No glue, adhesives, nails, or other product may be used anywhere in the facility.

The Exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo, their employees, and agents, harmless against all claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges, or fines and attorney fees arising out of or caused by exhibitor installation, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or a part thereof, excluding any such liability caused by the sole negligence of 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo. In addition, the Exhibitor acknowledges that neither 21st Academy nor Re-Imagine Education Expo maintains insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property, and that it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and/or property damage insurance covering such losses by the Exhibitor.

Upon receipt of the Exhibitor registration application by 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo (including payment), and confirmation of approval by 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo, this agreement shall become binding between the Exhibitor or Sponsor and 21st Academy & Re-Imagine Education Expo. For the purpose of this contract, an emailed confirmation of registration application does not denote confirmation of Exhibitor or Sponsorship approval 21st Academy also known as Re-Imagine Education Expo.

For all Exhibitors that elect to pay by check, payment deadline is 14 days after Exhibitor application confirmation.

Payments for pre-conference advertising or sponsorship and exhibitor package benefits must be received before the purchased advertising and/or benefits will be produced and/or delivered.


Before May 1st – paid applications will receive a 50% refund of table rental.

After May 1st – no exhibitor refunds will be issued.


Cancellations of advertising space will receive a 75% refund IF such request is received 30 or more days BEFORE the advertising deadline.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations received less than 30 days prior to the advertising deadline, for ads not received by stated deadlines, or for ads that do not meet specified requirements.


All approved and confirmed sponsorship sales are final and non-refundable.